Children don’t grow by measuring

Children don’t grow by measuring

Is testing and measuring four year olds, as the government is proposing, the right approach to charting children’s’ progress? We don’t think so.

Sidcot School does not do SATS and we don’t do Common Entrance exams because we know that children don’t grow by measuring.

Without tests, measurement and assessment – our pupils reaching the end of Key Stage 2 have, in most cases, achieved better than children in state schools, without the need for continuous testing.

While other children have been taught to tests, children at Sidcot have been out learning in our beautiful Forest School environment or working on becoming a change maker school, solving local problems with other children from across the globe and also developing life skills such as empathy and tolerance. Time we would not have had available if we had to dedicate it to constant testing.

Tests and assessments put pressure on teachers, children and their families and only serve to get in the way of a child’s education.

That’s why we do things differently at Sidcot:

  • Students fulfil their potential academically and are able to develop as well rounded individuals with good strong moral values and a breadth of experience.
  • We believe it is more important to get to know the children, understanding how they learn and embracing their idiosyncrasies to tailor education to the individual –this is the real key to fulfilling a child’s potential, not assessing them as a 4 year old.
  • Behind the scenes children’s progress is monitored very closely to give a clear view of how to support them to achieve their potential, without stifling their education. What’s more important is that they know what the next steps are in order to improve themselves.
  • Our children grow because they are afforded an education that inspires them, ignites their curiosity, instils a thirst for knowledge and enriches their soul.
  • A Sidcot education is more than just a training to pass tests – it is as broad as possible – allowing children the space to develop skills that will really benefit them in their time after school.  That's why there is no Common Entrance and the school offers the International Baccalaureate.  As well as giving students every opportunity to fulfil their potential, they are equipped to lead interesting and adventurous lives.

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