Bridging Curriculum Day Bridging Curriculum Day Bridging Curriculum Day Bridging Curriculum Day Bridging Curriculum Day

Six months of collaboration and planning from the Sidcot teachers saw Monday's Bridging Curriculum Day(designed to 'bridge' the Junior and Senior School curriculum and provide a vertical grouping experience through using the skills identified in our Sidcot Learning Wheel ) literally 'flying' into action.

For example, the Languages department worked together around their mock aeroplane set-up, to enable their groups to fly around the world to learn about different cultures and languages. Students ate, drank and even wore hats to compliment their experiences.

English saw their groups taking on journalistic roles, writing reports on some live action scenes that may or may not have involved incognito performances from Mr Williams and Mr Pemberton!

Those in Geography built a wall, and debated the experiences and issues around this.

Some sessions really asked students to utilise their understanding of the Sidcot Learning Wheel skills, through solving complex mathematical problems or working around sensitive social-based scenarios. Throughout the day our students were challenged to think outside the conventional education boxes and employ skills far more attributed to a real-life working experience.

A huge congratulations to all of the staff and students involved, who embraced the day with enthusiasm, gusto and creativity!

Charlotte Resuggan
Assistant Head Teaching and Learning 

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset