An Inspector Calls

English Department Visit to Theatre Royal Bath to see “An Inspector Calls".

The set was beautiful. A small house had been built on the stage, raised on a platform. For the first few minutes of the play, the audience had to peer through the windows, trying to catch muffled snatches of dialogue, which were only occasionally audible over the hubbub of the dining room scene. This wasn’t ideal, but the front of the house was soon swung open, and all was well.

I was, however, a little confused by some of the lighting. Although the stage was lit for evening, with a soft golden light, the backdrop was a blue sky, with white clouds strewn across it. Perhaps this was intentional, and the director was going for a specific look, but it was a bit strange-looking.

The production was imaginative, witty, and often quite moving. Explosions and flashes of light made the audience scream, and when the Inspector made his “fire and blood and anguish” speech we were all moved by his performance. I did feel, though, that other actors were not so convincing. It is interesting to note that Mr Birling, whom I felt was the most wooden, was played by an understudy...

But it was Edna and her knitting who stole the show. Although she had only one line, she delivered it with great gusto, making us laugh with her cool attitude amid all the chaos.

Thank you to the English department for giving us this opportunity, I know it will be invaluable to our study. 

Clara Mann
Year 10

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset