7 Billion Ideas

We are very excited to announce that we have formed a partnership agreement with the ideas company 7billionideas to promote an entrepreneurial spirit across the school. As well as entrepreneurialism, the partnership will also help teach our students about true innovation and working together.

7billionideas believes that there are 7 billion idea generators on the planet and it is their job to inspire each and every one of them. They built www.7billionideas.com so users could share everyday ideas. 7billEDUCATION was then formed “to inspire students to THINK Big and Dream Bigger about their IDEAS and their CAREERS.”

The partnership will kick off in January with an assembly to the entire school. They will then run their 6 week ‘World Changing IDEAS’ programme with the Year 8s and 9s. Students will each generate up to 4 world changing ideas each, before presenting their favourite idea to their peers in the famous ‘Ready Steady IDEAS Lesson’. The winners will have an opportunity to work with 7billionideas on creating an exciting new social media account for the school, which will aim to help promote world changing ideas.

7billionideas will also be working with the Year 7s in an ‘ideas club,’ and there will also be a drop-in session each week for students in Years 10-13.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the school to be engaged with an inspirational company. David Harkin, 7billionideas CEO, said: “we honestly can’t wait to kick start this partnership with Sidcot school. We have a fantastic opportunity to work with a variety of students and we’re looking forward to inspiring every single one of them to think big and dream bigger about their ideas.”

Make sure you look out for the 7billMINI when it arrives in January!

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