Care and support

To ensure that Sidcot remains a relaxed and friendly place we make sure that every individual understands the standards of behaviour that are expected of them and the boundaries that must be respected. Any lapses from these standards are responded to with a mixture of sanction and support.

In line with our Quaker values we emphasise the importance of community and the value of equal and honest friendships between students. When support and guidance are needed, students find it readily available. As well as the house staff who oversee the personal and academic development of the boarders in their house, each student is part of a tutor group and that tutor has special responsibilities for their care.

Wellbeing Practice

We also educate our students in practices of wellbeing as a way of helping them to deal with the inevitable stresses that come with growing and developing. We teach then to how to listen and reflect, and we put a high value on emotional intelligence. “Supported self-discipline” is how one recent Sidcot graduate described it.

The House System

We want our students and staff to feel a sense of belonging at Sidcot and with this in mind we have introduced a House System. There are four houses: North, South, East and West and as a member of a House, students and staff will take part in a variety of activities: sporting, musical, technical and academic. There’ll be house points to earn as well as opportunities to take on responsibilities and leadership roles, and to work collaboratively with staff and students across the school. We’ve designed the House System to build upon the community spirit that’s already a key part of school life, encouraging and inspiring everyone at Sidcot to work together to ‘live adventurously’.

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