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Our aim is to ensure that each boarder experiences:

  • A happy and stable ‘family’ environment
  • Freedom from bullying and any form of abuse
  • A structured routine within the demands of school work and the need for time to relax
  • The opportunity to take part in activities either as an individual or member of the community
  • Encouragement and support in meeting the requirements of Sidcot’s curriculum
  • Regular communication with parent(s)
  • The support of House Staff with advice whenever needed
  • The opportunity to grow and develop as an independent and self-reliant person, expecting when appropriate to take part in the full life of the School
  • Equal opportunities in ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religion, gender and disability matters
  • A healthy lifestyle, particularly with respect to alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and healthy eating
  • An induction to boarding
  • An environment which has been assessed for risk and care has been taken to reduce / minimise those risks

Sidcot’s aims originate from our Quaker Values and underpin our educational approach:

  • To nurture inquisitive minds that challenge, create and provoke original thought and develop a love of independent learning that is fuelled by a thirst for knowledge

  • To recognise and celebrate all talents so our students develop self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and can reach their full potential as adults

  • For students to have an appreciation and understanding of their world; both from a human and environmental perspective on a local to global scale

  • For students and staff to thrive within our respectful community so we may maintain integrity in our work and in how we live our lives

At Sidcot we encourage everyone to make a difference in the world through teaching them to live their lives adventurously, to question and to take action. We celebrate individuality and challenge our students and staff to think with greater depth to reach a better understanding of themselves in relation to the world we live in.

Our Five Boarding Houses (School House Girls/Boys, Wing, Newcombe, Combe), being the responsibility of The Sidcot Committee, should conform to the overall aims, principles and regulations set for Sidcot School and its Statement of Values.

Our ethos at Sidcot School is based upon a family approach to boarding where all members of the community should feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. The staff at Sidcot endeavour to maintain a supportive and safe environment where young people can grow and develop into independent, responsible adults.  In return it is expected that boarders make the most of the opportunities available to them. At other times staff should use their judgement as parents and consider the risks of any request.

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset

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