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Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding is increasingly popular with our day pupils for its convenience and flexibility. There are all kinds of situations when it might be a useful option for busy families to consider:

  • During exam periods when students can save on travel time which can then be devoted to study time
  • When a student has an activity after school, fixtures on a Saturday, or a parent may need to be out in the evening or travelling away on business
  • To reduce the impact of a long daily commute into school by breaking up the travelling during the week
  • To see if your child likes boarding
  • To use on a one off basis

How does flexi boarding work?

Flexi boarding forvides parents a flexible solution – as long as we have one week’s notice and subject to availability in the boarding house. The cost of flexi boarding is £42 per night.

  • Flexi-boarding is offered to Year 7 students upwards
  • Students can flexi-board regularly from one to three nights per week or for a period of several weeks if required
  • A flexi boarding form, which can be obtained from Reception, has to be completed. We would like at least one week’s notice in order to prepare

Flexi boarding helps students to:

  • Become more mature and self-confident
  • Become closer to their friends; learn first-hand the importance of team-work and ‘give and take’
  • Become more self-reliant and self-sufficient in a safe environment

What to bring

Please make sure that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

  • School uniform
  • Sports kit
  • Swim wear
  • Casual clothes/shoes/jacket or coat
  • 1 pair of pyjamas/nightie
  • 1 dressing gown
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • 1 bath towel
  • 1 hand towel
  • Toiletries

We discourage our boarders from bringing expensive/valuable items to school.

Parents/Guardians must ensure that house staff are aware of any medical or dietary needs. Any medication needs to be clearly labelled and given directly to a member of staff.

On the morning that students arrive to flexi-board, they can go direct to their boarding house and leave their case in their dorm from 8.15am.

The boarding community

There are five boarding houses each with its own house staff that will care for, support and safeguard the welfare of your son/daughter. Most of our boarders are full boarders, whilst a number of students opt for weekly boarding - going home on a Friday and returning on a Sunday evening. At the weekend and during the week after school, there is a wide range of activities arranged by teaching and boarding staff involving sport, music, drama and art.

There is a regular programme of weekend activities which may include a visit to a local place of interest or a theme park, a shopping trip or cinema trip, sporting trips such as ice skating and mountain biking or attending events happening at school such as concerts, productions or festivals.

  • Combe House is situated a short distance away from the main school with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. This enables students to feel that they have come away from the school at the end of the day to their ‘home’. The House itself was originally built as a family home and this is emulated in the relaxing homely environment. There is room for twenty one students aged between eleven and nineteen in shared dormitories of two of three, so everyone gets to know each other very quickly in this small and friendly house.
  • Newcombe House is located some five minutes walk from the main school buildings and is surrounded by fields at the edge of the school campus which gives boarders the feeling that they can leave school and go ‘home’. There are eleven bedrooms which provide accommodation for twenty eight girls between eleven and eighteen. Downstairs is calm and informal with an open fire place, a piano and reading areas which all contribute to the house’s relaxing and homely environment.
  • School House Boys (SHB) is located in the main school building and is a calm, happy house with lots of contact between staff and students. The relaxed attitude of staff permeates the environment. There is capacity for fifty one boys between sixteen and nineteen.
  • School House Girls (SHG), also located in the main school building, is a boarding house for forty two girls between fifteen and nineteen. Although the house is situated directly above the main school, (which has its advantages on a rainy day!), the homely atmosphere created by the girls and the staff once upstairs is very noticeable. School House Girls is a house where you can unwind after a long day at school and you will always find someone to talk to.
  • Wing House is located in a fine Edwardian House built in 1905 and designed by Fred Rowntree, who was also the architect for buildings at several other Quaker Schools. The House was formerly the Headmaster’s house and overlooks the School gardens and onwards to the Mendip Hills. It is home to twenty four boys aged between fourteen and nineteen with ten bedrooms. Boys are encouraged to be actively involved in school life and many take part in the school’s excellent Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Communication with the houses

Telephone: 01934 843422 (main) / 01934 842472 (payphone)
Email: combe@sidcot.org.uk

Telephone: 01934 843326 (main) / 01934 842434 (payphone)
Email: newcombe@sidcot.org.uk

Telephone: 01934 845277 (main) / 01934 842490 (payphone)
Email: wing@sidcot.org.uk

Telephone: 01934 843544 (main) / 01934 842368 (payphone)
Email: shg@sidcot.org.uk

Telephone: 01934 843441 (main) / 01934 843008 (payphone)
Email: shb@sidcot.org.uk

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A PDF version of our flexi boarding brochure is available to download here

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