Future proofing our students

Consider this. Information technology is progressing exponentially – currently it is doubling about every two years. So, if today’s computers are about 25% as smart as humans, a student starting in the third year now, will be using computers smarter than a human by the time they leave Sidcot. We are going to make sure that our students are prepared.

Sidcot is well on the way to being a centre of excellence for ICT. It is currently used as a tool to make teaching and learning easier and more personalised, enabling students to learn in the way that best suits them. ICT initiatives also provide inspiration to teachers, helping them to explore innovate and imaginative new approaches to their work. The next few years will see many new IT systems coming online at the school including:

SIMS InTouch: An intranet system which will enable staff to set homework online. Where appropriate students can post work online - and parents will be able to stay informed about tasks that has been set and submitted.

Media Services: A set of services which will allow us to store videos, audio and images centrally, enabling students and staff to access training materials wherever and whenever they want them. Staff will also be able to record live television to use in the classroom or homework. The system will be integrated with our intranet allowing the use of multimedia in homework tasks.

Digital Signs: Television screens around the school will display information for students and visitors, ensuring that students are kept up to date with announcements and providing visitors with a window on activities at Sidcot.

Online Parent Consultation booking: Parents are able book consultations with teachers online.

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