There’s a big world out there

And we make sure our students get to know about it.

Sidcot students are individuals who know that their path through life will be a reflection of their unique talents, skills and interests. Throughout their time with us, we make sure that they get to know about the wider world, the opportunities that it offers them, and the contribution they can make.

At every stage we help students understand the importance of making informed choices. When they select their exam options in Year 9 we take care that no doors are closed at this early stage. In the Year 10, when they have a week of Work Experience, we make sure that it is a valuable experience, a real opportunity to get insights into the world of work.

When students move into the Sixth Form, often a challenging time of choices and decisions, they are assigned their own ‘Progression Adviser’ from our experienced careers team. This advisor is a sounding board and a mentor, helping the student plan their next steps whether it is choosing a university course, applying for an apprenticeship, or making decisions about a gap year.

Students at Sidcot are encouraged to be ambitious and adventurous. When they leave us we want them to feel they have the confidence to choose what is right for them in life.

“The school prepares students well for the next stage of their education and for adult life. Students in Years 10 and 11 are prepared through dedicated careers lessons and also participate in work experience.” - Independent Schools Inspectorate (Feb 2011)

Independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 in Somerset

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