Recognising Sidcot’s values in Russia – February 2016

Recognising Sidcot's values in Russia

I had the opportunity of meeting up with a group of parents in Moscow. They had children at Sidcot and it was a pleasure to spend time with them and hear the experiences they were having. Russia is an amazing melting pot, which comes into sharp relief in a city like Moscow. The magnificent buildings of the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral around Red Square jostling with the brutalist architecture of the former USSR.

Like any large city, Moscow is a mix of cultures, races and traditions – a rich, diverse tapestry of humanity with a beating heart that is almost palpable. Yet speaking to the parents I was struck by how clearly the values we recognise at Sidcot translate. As much as the educational experience their children were getting they were interested in the way in which they were developing as individuals outside the classroom. They all recognised the complexity of the world their children were growing up in – perhaps even more so through living in a country that has undergone such incredible change over the last twenty years. One parent summed it up most succinctly by saying that he wanted his child to learn from being educated in the United Kingdom and bring this learning back to Russia so he could make a difference.

I can only reflect on how fortunate we are to have our ‘window on the world’ here in Sidcot with this rich blend of influences from across continents to edify all our lives at school.

IWK – February 2016

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