Six-Metre Triffid Takes Over Sidcot Arts Centre Six-Metre Triffid Takes Over Sidcot Arts Centre Six-Metre Triffid Takes Over Sidcot Arts Centre

A six-metre triffid with tentacles that can be seen from the A38 has taken root at Sidcot Arts Centre. The sculpture is the creation of Shepton Mallet based artist, Fiona Campbell, and will be forming the centre piece of a new exhibition entitled 'Of Form and Texture' which opens 22 March.

At nearly 20 feet high, 'Tendril' is Fiona’s tallest piece to date and was inspired by a recent trip to Mombasa. The sculpture is a giant creeper-like form with pods growing from it and is constructed from rusted mattress springs woven with copper wires.

Fiona said: “I thought Sidcot Art Centre’s grand white canopied entrance might have an interesting twist with a writhing organic form climbing up the pole into the sky. I had intended the Tendril to rise even higher, but with concern for securing it in high winds, felt it best not to be too ambitious!”

Fiona will be joined by artists Diane Burnell, Debbie Lamb and Sara Parsons when “Of Form and Texture” officially opens at Sidcot Arts Centre on 22nd March. This show will gather new expressions of old art forms - painting and sculpture. Exhibition Development Officer Georgina Micklethwaite said: “Of Form and Texture will present fresh perspectives of age-old concerns, from the beginning of existence itself with some 'Big Bang'-inspired paintings, the limitations and possibilities of the human form and the strange, changing world we inhabit.  It is going to be a fantastic, challenging and inspirational exhibition and we are looking forward to welcoming new visitors to the Arts Centre”.

'Tendril' can be seen from the road below Sidcot’s Art Centre but for those wanting a closer view of the sculpture, the exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 22 March to 26 April (excluding Easter weekend). For more information visit the Sidcot Galleries page.

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